Sabtu, 03 November 2012

jokes : I Belog and His Ducks

This is a funny story from Bali. In this story there is one boy named I Belog. This boy is very funny and rather of stupid, because of that he named I Belog. One day, I Belog got a work from his mother to buy some of ducks in the traditional market.
His mother told him, ”You must buy some of ducks and don’t forget choose the weight duck”
“Okay ma'am,” said the boy.
After he arrived at traditional market, he immediately bought some of duck. After that, he returned home. Since he bought the duck in large number, so he herding his duck until returned the home. In journey, he crossed to the river. And his duck looked happy with that. I Belog was confusion because the duck afloat, he thoughts that all of the ducks was lightly as it can float in the river. Because he thoughts that the duck which he had bought was wrong, so he left the ducks played in the river and he was soon home to meet his mother. At home he told the incident, and he was scolded by his mother for leaving the duck.
Actually, the ducks can float if the ducks stayed in the river and it is not because the ducks lightly.

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