Sabtu, 03 November 2012

dialog with magic words


R         : Sorry, I think we have met before?
D         : Oh, I think we haven’t met before.
R         : Oh yeah? But, your face is familiar for me
D         : Maybe, we have met before without I know. So, I’m afraid.
May I know your name?
R         : Okay, no problem to me.
My name is Rahayu. What about you?
D         : I’m Dian, nice to meet you.
R         : Nice to meet you too, Dian. So, what time is it?
D         : Hmm, now half past two. And are you have another activity now?
R         : Oh no, I haven’t. Do you have another activity?
D         : No. how about if we going together to City Park?
R         : Oh, it’s a good idea. How far City Park from here?
D         : City Park from here about 20 meters.
R         : It’s not far. So, let’s go.

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