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Proteins are organic compounds consisting of one or more amino acids. If the protein is hydrolyzed, it will be produced amino acid. One way that can be used to obtain the amino acid is hydrolysis of protein. The aims of the experiment were (1) to hydrolyze protein with protease enzyme, and (2) to make curve between NaOH(mL) vs time (minute) as well as curve of nitrogen amino acid mass (mg) vs time (minute) by formal titration method. This experiment used quantitative method. In this experiment, amino acids obtained from hydrolysis of gelatin solution by the enzyme trypsin (protease enzyme) was titrated by NaOH solution. It should be noted also the condition of trypsin and gelatin solution were maintained by incubated at 38° C and pH=8 for reactions run optimally. The result of this experiment was protein hydrolysis of gelatin can be done by using protease enzyme. Then, curve between volume of NaOH that was needed in titration and time that was used by gelatin solution to react with protease enzyme was directly proportional. After that, curve between the mass (mg) nitrogen of amino acid that was produced and time that was used by gelatin solution to react with protease enzyme was directly proportional.
Keywords: Amino acid, Formal titration, Protease enzyme

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