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Egg albumin is one sources of protein. Determination of the concentration of protein is a process routinely used in chemical analysis. One purpose of determining the concentration of protein is to know the nutritional value of a food ingredient. There are several methods to determine the protein concentration, such as the Biuret method, Lowry method, and so forth. The objectives of this experiment was to determine the protein content in egg albumin solution through Lowry method.  The method used in this experiment was quantitative analysis. The reagent used was Biuret reagent and Folin-Ciocalteu reagent. Folin-Ciocalteu reagent can detect tyrosine residues because it can  reduce fosfotungstat and forfomolibdat becomes tungstate and molybdenum which has blue color. Biuret reagent also lead the reduction reaction. In determining the protein content of sample, it beginning from making the calibration curve between concentration and absorbance and it got the linier formula y= 0.0461 x + 0.0441 with R = 0.9614. Based on the experiment result, it can be concluded that the content of protein in sample of egg albumin solution is 0.352 mg/mL (in 100 times dilution). Therefore, the initial concentration of the sample is 35.2 mg/mL.
Keywords: Egg albumin, Lowy method, Follin-Ciocalteu reagent, Biuret reagent

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